Finnish Schooling

In Finland, in-class time is short, they have hardly any homework and no standardised tests – yet they are doing very well in education compared to other developed countries (looking at you in particular, America). Why?

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Well, they seem to focus on a lot of the things that I’ve already discovered seem to be most coverted, best summed up by this quote:

> “The [Finnish] curricular are very much focused on critical thinking and problem solving, project based learning, and learning to learn.”

> there is a focus on teamwork and communication

> kids with mixed levels of intelligence are taught together; this way the smarter kids have the opportunity to teach the others (a tried and true way of cementing the knowledge in your own brain) and learn to handle diversity.

> Teachers stay with the same class of kids through the years, building strong relationships

> Parents and politicians simply trust in the teachers to do their jobs, and do not interfere

> Funding is not given to schools based on success but rather on student needs, and as such there is no competition between schools to ‘be the best’ or force kids into memorisation habits in order to ace standardised tests.


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