This is a game in which you are put in the position of a low class American on your last $1000 and told to survive for a month. It kind of opens your eyes to how shocking the system is. If a person cannot survive working full-time on minimum wage then there is something wrong with your country. 40 hours of minimum wage work in New Zealand will get you around $470, after tax. I can’t speak for those who have to account for a child, but as a single person living in the middle of the city I can get by (barely) on an allowance of $180 a week. I know there is a fair amount of poverty up north (in Kaitaia, Kawakawa and such) but those are generally people who can’t get jobs, not those who work full-time.

Screen shot 2014-03-23 at 12.47.29 PM Screen shot 2014-03-23 at 12.56.41 PM

In any case, it’s a nicely laid out game and fairly hard-hitting. In a few cases I chose to spend the money rather than take the free option of ‘ask a friend’ because I felt in that situation I’d be embarrassed to ask for handouts.



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