Gamification Issues

Ian Screiber, a game designer and game design teacher, offers an opposing look at the fad of ‘gamification’ that’s been flying around everywhere lately. The most important thing he says is this “extrinsic rewards destroy intrinsic motivation”. Gamification is basically swapping out one extrinsic reward – grades – for another – badges. This is kind of like replacing an apple pie with a strawberry tart; it looks different but it’s essentially the same thing; a dessert. Learning should be the motivator. Learning new stuff is fun; having new knowledge feels good. If you’re just aiming to get that badge, or get that grade, then often you’re not going to care about what you learn in order to get it. You’re going to do the least amount of work possible to have it in your hands, because that means getting it faster. It’s a flawed notion, and slapping game techniques on learning like this won’t necessarily work, though at the moment it seems ‘fun and new’.


REF: Schreiber, I. (2011, March 11). My problem with gamification [Blog post]. Retrieved from


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