Research vs. Design: current standing

I conveniently forgot the actual design element on this paper as I was too interested in just, well, learning about learning. But here’s where I stand, I guess:

RESEARCH (main topic areas):

>Serious games

>Games and Education

>Teaching through mechanics

>’Triple A’ vs. Indie games vs. serious games vs. ‘educational’ games – differences and similarities

DESIGN (area of confusion):

The obvious answer to this research ‘problem’ is to design a serious game. But how that works is dependent on finding a topic to be taught. Here are my current thoughts on what I would like to design (though I am aware these are hugely subject to change).

>A Narrator based game, where narrative is important

>Possibly minimalist in style (looking at you, Thomas Was Alone)

>NOT a platformer. I’m sick of ’em, and they’re difficult, both in terms of level design and coding. Instead I’d like some sort of 3D limited open world space.

But before I can count on these dreams coming true, I need to figure out three things. First, what is the target age group? Second, what knowledge is needed by this group (I don’t mean what do they have to learn in school, I mean what do they need to learn for life)? Thirdly, what out of these things do I find interesting enough to spend five months working on?


Extra point: Player created content. This extends the world exponentially without much extra effort on the side of the game developer, and the best way to learn something is to teach it to someone else.


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