Reading’s Break: Major Project Topic

Now I’ve been doing horrendously in keeping up with the ‘once a week blog post’ thing, and even in turning up to class session. Whoops. Anyway. I’ve known for nearly two years that the one thing I am super interested in is game design and education. And this is great; it’s a perfectly good topic that ties into visual communication design well. My problem was simply that I didn’t really have a topic I wanted to teach, or explain. Well, I think I’ve found it now.

In the last few years I’ve become really interested in languages and speech, colloquialism, sentence structure, voice – I’ve always had a bit of a boner for words and I love to write, but I never looked outside of English until recently. And then I started learning Japanese – albeit haphazardly – and I still get excited learning new words, recognising their kanji (or pieces of it) and understanding direct translations. The only thing is, self-teaching a language is really f#$%ing hard. Seriously. Particularly when the language you’re interested in learning has three alphabets.

In any case, over the last year or so I have looked at what seems like hundreds of learning sites, trying to find the one (or the ones) which will help me on my way to becoming Japanese literate. “Games” or “game devices” seem to feature prominently in certain areas, but not many seem successful. In any case, this long-winded speech is really my way of saying this:

TL;DR: I want to design a game which teaches Japanese.


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