Customisation and Transformation

163. “[for] what we once sought for free, we now pay a fee.”

164. “In education, businesses increasingly establish their own institutions of learning, no longer able to rely on public schools to graduate educated students.”
Pine and Gilmore use this as an example of the customer desire for experience and transformation, but it speaks of a larger problem. It suggests that people believe the education system is incapable of providing the basic transformation from uneducated to educated, which is its core mission. If it does not have this, then what is the point of schooling? Something needs to be done about how children are taught.

165. “When you customise an experience you change the individual.”
Education is supposed to be a transformation, but it is not always (in fact, it is seldom) a customised experience.

180. “It’s not a true transformation unless it is sustained.”



REF: Pine, B., & Gilmore, J. (1999). The customer is the product. In The Experience Economy (pp. 163-183). Boston: Harvard Business School Press


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