games in education [EC]

Extra Credits is a youtube channel run by James Portnow (game designer) and Daniel Floyd (narrator and animator) that covers various topics under the broad spectrum of games and the gaming industry. Their videos are thought provoking and educational.

What they touch on in this video is that while people are starting to get this idea that games are a good thing in education, people in the education industry are going about it the wrong way. They think that ‘games are engaging, kids love ’em, so if we toss them in a classroom kids will love to learn!’ when games really don’t work that way. They’re forgetting that the core of gaming – play – cannot be treated in this way because the number one rule of play is that play is voluntary. By forcing kids to play you’re removing any positive effect the play could have.

A balance must be struck between ‘this will help educate you’ and ‘this will entertain and engage you’. Well-meaning educators just don’t see that forcing kids to play a specific game at a specific time every day is going to end up the same to the kids as every other part of their education; boring and a chore. Games need to be allowed to be treated as games.



REF: Portnow, J., & Floyd, D. [Extra Credits]. (2013, Aug 22). Extra credits: games in education . Retrieved from


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