Koe – A ‘learn Japanese’ JRPG

An RPG (role-playing game) is a huge undertaking at the best of times, and to make it educational (with a base team of three) is nothing short of ambitiously crazy. However, that is what Rawal, Suyuki and Tsukasa are doing – with no shortage of supporters. Their potential game has over 75,000 pounds backing it on Kickstarter. I’m interested to see how it will turn out, though I hold no high hopes for it. It’s a great idea; many English speakers who want to learn Japanese do so because they’ve got a fixed interest in anime, manga or JRPG’s, and the sort of words learnt in this engaging environment would help to directly understand these media.


REF: Rawal, J. (2013). Koe – a jrpg with Japanese at the core of gameplay. Retrieved from https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/297265509/koe-a-jrpg-with-japanese-at-the-core-of-gameplay


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