Gamers don’t finish video games?

This is a bit of a tangent, but I was scrolling through the references of a ‘serious game’ article and found the title “Why most people don’t finish video games”. I was confused, and intrigued; how did they come to this conclusion when last year I watched my flatmate play Bioshock Infinite to completion not once, but three times – in a row? And when I’ve heard Alan complain because he’s found every single item and maxed out all his character levels (after completing the storyline, of course) in Borderlands 2?

Basically, the article says that the base age of game players has gone up to 37, who thus have full-time jobs to worry about, kids and family responsibilities etc. so they don’t want long games. They want short, sweet bursts of playing that can be found in online multiplayer spaces like CoD or Halo matches. Now the two guys I mentioned before aren’t nearing their forties, but they both work full-time jobs and have girlfriends. While yes, it’s true that some people prefer short matches, what the article forgets is that there is more than one type of person who plays games. I don’t mean this in that the differences are male and female, young and old – though that is certainly true – I mean that we all play games for different reasons. Did the article write conveniently forget the millions of people who dedicate a lifetime of hours to MMO’s such as LoL or WoW?

The article suggested that long, epic journeys are a thing of the past, and that people want shorter, more bite-sized game experiences. The comment section said, in a near collective voice, “F#$% you. That’s the last thing we want.” There was also an unanimous, “Why would I pay $60 for a game that I can finish in a day (8-10 hours)?” And considering AAA games in New Zealand usually start at double that, I’m highly inclined to agree.



REF: Snow, J. (2011, August 17). Why most people don’t finish video games [article].


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