How players describe submission games

I was curious as to the reasons people felt they played submission games, and wanted conclusive results on what their motivations were. So I posed this question in a casual setting, and the following are the keywords I pulled out of the answers given:

Anyone who has accidentally spent hours playing a game like Flappy Bird, 2048, Angry Birds, Candy Crush etc., what was your reason to start playing and why did you continue to play?



“Kinda mindless”


“Frustrating” – makes player “determined to move forward”

“Easy/entertaining way to fill time”

“Time filler”

“Easy and simple”



“Wanting to beat my own score”

“Simple game”

“Distraction” (from work, a way to relieve stress)

“Motivation [to] beat my own score”


From this small survey, I can conclude what I already know but what will be deciding factors in how I design my final game:

– Mechanics are simple, and easy to instantly grasp so play can start immediately

– Players are already addicted by the point difficulty ramps up, and thus are willing to start putting thought into how they are playing

– The core intrinsic value generally appears to be competition, whether to beat own score or to beat friends.


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