Design beginnings

The core things to remember for this game as defined by previous research (from what I currently remember) and direction of choice:

-This game is intended to be part of a learning process, not the complete process. Its purpose is to teach the learner to recognise singular kanji whenever they should come across them, knowing the solo pronunciation and the English translation.

-While learning is the main purpose of the game, building an engaging game must be the foremost priority. Otherwise, another medium may as well be used.

-Game type is submission, therefore immediately and easily understandable, simple in style.

-Game structure is to be designed for a mobile platform first and foremost, for use with touch controls. This is because this is the medium most often used for submission games, and means that the user must be able to pick up and put down the game at will, continuing in either short or long bursts of play time. Optimum level time should probably be <5 minutes, unless the rules of play state ‘winning’ to be surviving as long as possible.

-There must be a constant feeling of improvement in the player, and of challenge. They need to feel that they are succeeding.

-Game needs to be built in two styles; with a cycle between learning characters and testing/remembering the characters (where the second would involve a larger set of previously learned characters).

-Competition is highly valued within this game type, so allow players both a way to compete with others publicly and a very clear way to track their own ‘score’.

-Consider the four types of gamer-learner and how they will interact/enjoy the game: Killer-kinesthetic, Achiever-read/write, Social-aural and Explorer-visual.



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