Game prototype I

I started with a bubble game based platform but decided to upgrade to a similarly styled game that I’ve forgotten the name of. Basically the aim (in the original game) is to shoot the bubble in your gun next to bubbles of the same colour in the ‘snake’ of bubbles that crosses the screen. You need to shoot them all before they reach the end tube near the bottom of the screen. In my version the snake bubbles are kanji and the shooter bubble is a symbol that represents that word. If you miss, the symbol will morph into its kanji form. If you hit matching ones and they explode, a voiceover will read out the pronunciation of the kanji. The writing down the bottom left can be changed from English to Romaji to Hiragana so the player can recall how to pronounce the word or remember exactly what the symbol stands for.

The player moves through a campaign where each level they are introduced to five new kanji, and after five or so levels are given a level which will go back over all they have learnt. A mechanic will be in play to judge how often they get a kanji wrong, and therefore how often that kanji should be reintroduced to them. They can also access a ‘kanji bank’ where they can see the information cards for all the kanji they have learnt so far.

achievement unlocked-02 achievement unlocked-03


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