Bubble Game

There are literally hundreds of bubble games in the Play Store, from terrible to overdone to average. The basic gist of the game is to shoot a coloured bubble out of the shooter, match three of a kind and destroy them. That’s it. Here’s why this sort of game is best for my ‘Learn’ levels:

– It’s a match game. You are matching one thing to another (kanji to symbol) and that is the core of the gameplay.

– it allows the user to continue at their own pace and think about what they’re doing – all items are stationary pre- user input, and there is no time limit.

– There are multiple bubbles of the same colour that must be ‘defeated’ (if these are symbols, the user had repeated exposure to them and their kanji counterparts, which is necessary for memorisation)

– It allows for four – five different colours/symbols to be used each level and changing them doesn’t have a huge impact on difficulty of the levels/won’t make the player too confused as they have no abilities specific to what they actually reference.

…I feel like there should be more than that, but I can’t think of them off the top of my head and these four are very important things to note. I’ve looked at quite a few different types of game, and this one seems to be the best set out to contain these features necessary for a learning game. Below are some examples of this game type, which is basically just the same thing over and over again in different skins. Useful things i’ve picked up from playing these games:

– make two ‘kanji’ or shooter bullets visible, so player can have a second choice if the first is unfavourable – switch them

– different game types encountered – free something in the centre of a hexagon type shape that spins; clear the top row; free something trapped between/in a bubble by shooting it down

-add different types of bubbles – can’t tell which colour, can’t be popped etc

bubble games-01



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