N5 Kanji

I’ve separated the first 100 kanji to learn into levels and wider level sets, and I figured I should put them here because it’s a pain in the ass to keep looking through my book for things like this. And it doesn’t help that I wrote them upside down. This is not necessarily the order in which they would appear in a final rendition of the game.

Nature Set:

1. water/ground/rain/river/fish

2. mountain/heaven/spirit/sky/rest

3. sun/noon/outside/book/person

4. moon/fire/flower/big/white

Suburban Set:

1. read/write/learn/understand/school

2. now/day/hour/week/year

3. yen/talk/store/buy/money

4. car/street/station/company/name

Quantities Set:

1. 1/2/3/4/5

2. 6/7/8/9/10

3. one hundred/one thousand/ten thousand/many/few

4. half/small/each/previous/long

Travel Set:

1. new/country/say/language/meet

2. north/south/east/west/electricity

3. eat/drink/live/right/safety

4. go/stand/see/hear/what

People Set:

1. mouth/eye/hand/foot/ear

2. child/man/woman/father/mother

3. old/friend/come/in/out

4. up/down/front/back/inside

5. left/interval/high/I (watashi)/I (boku)



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